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Established in 2017, CareTac is an international IAQ, radon, and radiation products and services company based in South Africa and the United States.

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IAQ and Radon

  • Indoor Air Quality solutions (testing, reporting, optimization)

  • Continuous digital, long-term passive, and instantaneous onsite radon testing

  • Radon mitigation system design and installation

  • Radon risk reports

  • Expert industry and residential consulting 



  • Radioactive materials transport and storage

  • Radioactive waste management

  • Decommissioning

  • Risk assessments and audits

  • Regulatory authority portfolio management

  • Radiation security solutions


Building Materials Testing Synchronization

  • Identify radon and thoron content

  • Determine life-cycle exhalation rates

  • Concrete, bricks, gypsum and other building materials

  • Fly ash, bottom ash/boiler slag, and flue gas desulfurization (FGD)


Training & Workshops

  • Radiation protection and management

  • Radon metrology (practical and theoretical)

  • NORM management

  • Customized training packages (RPO, NORM, and more)



  • Airthings Indoor Air Quality detectors (radon, TVOCs, CO2, humidity, air pressure, temperature, light)

  • Durridge professional radon and thoron products (incl. RAD7)

  • ATOMTEX radiation monitoring and nuclear measurements equipment

IAQ & Radon

CareTac provides comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and radon testing for homes, businesses, and industrial facilities, as well as testing of construction materials. With a host of radon testing techniques, our customers can find a solution that works ideally for them.

Long-term passive testing

A tried-and-true industry technique to test radon-gas levels using PARC RGM detectors. 


Short-term onsite testing

We rely on the RAD7 by DURRIDGE to perform highly accurate, onsite radon and thoron measurements in just minutes for clients with special needs or who just want to know as soon as possible what radon health risks they may be facing.


Continuous digital testing 

CareTac is an authorized distributor for Airthings, the world leader in continuous electronic Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and radon monitoring.

Radon mitigation system design and installation

CareTac's experts can design and install customized and affordable radiation mitigation systems that are guaranteed to drastically reduce radon health risks. 


Stopping radon in South Africa

Building Materials Testing Synchronization

Building Materials Testing Synchronization technology - BMT Synch - features the unique ability to quickly, economically, and accurately collect and synchronize crucial NORM data in building materials (concrete, cement, gypsum, brick, etc.) and coal combustion products (pulverized fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc.) to ensure optimal economic, health, and environmental results.  

1. Radon and thoron concentrations

BMT Synch determines radon and thoron concentrations in almost any building material.   

2. Radon and thoron life-cycle exhalation

BMT Synch pinpoints the amount of human exposure to radon and thoron over a building's  lifetime. 

BMT Synch set-up, from left: Durridge DRYSTIK, RAD7, and testing chamber. IP crafted through years of R&D not pictured. 

Sample of fly ash from Kriel Power Station in Mpumalanga. 

Why test your building materials for radon and thoron?

Save money

  • Maintain or increase usage of coal combustion products

  • Improve product quality

  • Cut healthcare expenditures

  • Install mitigation measures when they are least expensive

Save lives

  • Get optimal material and building design to minimize radon and thoron exposure

  • Decrease probability of lung cancer

Save the environment

  • Reduce primary material usage

  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions

  • Ensure safe recycling of coal combustion products

  • Keep coal combustion products out of soil and water 

Radiation Services 

CareTac wields unique capabilities and expertise in radiation and nuclear safety and security solutions. We are able to provide fully customized solutions for clients across South Africa in radioactive material transport and storage, radwaste management, decommissioning, and more

CareTac provides training sessions and workshops for companies in South Africa looking to improve their compliance with South African and international radiation and radioactive material requirements, as well as looking to improve their own radiation and nuclear competences.


By becoming fully compliant, companies in South Africa improve their bottom line, give their employees safer working environment, and avoid costly violations while providing a positive effect to their social reputations both nationally and internationally. 

CareTac can conduct either ready-made courses or create tailor-made solutions for clients with specific goals. Moreover, we can provide your course either online or in person, whichever is most convenient and cost effective for our clients. 

Training and Workshops




ATOMTEX is the world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for nuclear measurements and radiation monitoring. CareTac is the exclusive distributor and reseller of ATOMTEX in South Africa and an authorized distributor across the rest of Africa.

Airthings manufactures critically acclaimed indoor air quality monitors for tracking radon, CO2, TVOCs, humidity, temperature, and pressure. CareTac is the authorized distributor of Airthings in South Africa. Contact us to place an order.

PARC RGM specializes in determining longer term average radon levels using well-established, globally accepted, and extensively used methodology with state-of-the-art equipment. 

DURRIDGE Radon Capture & Analytics is a leader in world-class radon detection solutions for businesses, universities, and governments the world over. CareTac is a key distributor of DURRIDGE equipment, including the critically acclaimed RAD7 radon and thoron detector, in Africa