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High-quality, affordable dosimetric and spectrometric area monitors that live up to the highest demands.

ATOMTEX dosimtric area monitors

Dosimetric Area


We provide a selection of dosimetric, emergency alarm, and pulse radiation area monitors that provide flawless monitoring capabilities for radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous sites and facilities and monitoring environmental radiation. 

ATOMTEX area monitors with display

Area Monitors with 

Data Display

Combine your area monitors with the ability display detection unit data in real time, while also displaying temperature, time, and date.  

ATOMTEX spectrometric area monitors

Spectrometric Area


Stationary spectrometric area monitor systems are designed to provide continuous and uninterrupted dosimetric and spectrometric radiation monitoring of land, facilities, wells, and other sites. These systems consist of a network of interconnected gamma radiation detection units that connect to a PC. The detection units are monitored and controlled by SSRM software to collect and display all measure data on your computer. 


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