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BMT Synch:

Stronger Materials,

Healthier Buildings

Quickly, economically, and accurately reveal crucial radiation content and emission data from building materials and coal combustion products to ensure optimal economic, health, and environmental results.  

NORM Concentrations

BMT Synch determines radon and thoron concentrations in almost any building material.   

NORM life-cycle exhalation

BMT Synch pinpoints the amount of human exposure to radon and thoron over a building's  lifetime. 

Sample of fly ash from Kriel Power Station in Mpumalanga. 

BMT Synch 3.jpeg

Testing Advantages

  • Know the content of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in your building materials

  • Incorporate mitigation solutions to minimize radon and thoron exposure risks throughout a building's lifetime

  • Save money on radon/thoron mitigation measures that would otherwise have to be implemented later on and cost significantly more.​

  • Increase usage of fly ash, slag, and other coal combustion products (CCP) to improve building-material durability, workability, and solidity, and to cut greenhouse gas emissions.  

  • Improve compliance with international standards and regulations (World Health Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, etc.). 

  • Make your building more appealing to buyers and tenants.

Testing process

1. Measurements

Materials are measured in a hermetically sealed chamber. The time necessary to obtain a highly accurate measurement depends on how radioactive the materials are. ​


2. Data analysis

We employ highly complex mathematical equations developed meticulously over years of trial and error to process the generated measurements and produce ​precise results.

3. Porosity effects​​​

Our CT tomography industrial scanning system helps to provide a detailed understanding of the rates at which radon and thoron will emanate from the materials over the life time of the structure, building, etc. that they will be used in. ​​

4. Consulting​

Our expert consultants use the data obtained and analyzed to advise clients on what options they have and what is ideal from a health, business, and quality standpoint. 

5. Implementation

CareTac can implement any mitigation measures needed, including IAQ and radon testing, radon mitigation and ventilation systems design and installation, and quality surveying services.  

Why Test?

Save money

  • Maintain or increase usage of coal combustion products.

  • Improve product quality.

  • Cut healthcare expenditures resulting from illnesses caused by radiation exposure.

  • Install mitigation measures when they are least expensive.

Save lives

  • Get optimal materials and building designs to minimize radon and thoron exposure.

  • Decrease probability of lung cancer.

Save the environment

  • Reduce primary material usage (and thus costs).

  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Ensure safe recycling of coal combustion products.

  • Keep coal combustion products out of the soil and water.

Unique Technology.

Multibillion Dollar Industry.

Countries around the world are turning more and more to CCP. A by-product of coal-fired electricity and heat generation, using CCP as an additive in the production of building materials affords numerous product-quality and environmental benefits. CPP include the following:

  • Fly ash

  • Bottom ash

  • Boiler slag

  • Flue gas desulfurization gypsum.

These CPP are an affordable and abundant way to manufacture concrete and other building materials. 

The Greater the CCP,

the Greater the Radiation Hazard​

The problem with the increasing role of CCP in building materials is that this increases their NORM content, thus increasing exposure levels to radon and thoron for people in homes, buildings, factories, facilities, and other structures that use these materials. In South Africa, CCP is becoming all the more popular as a building-materials additive, which increases South Africans radon and thoron exposure risks. 

BMT Synch allows to minimize these risks while reaping the benefits that CCP provide in building-material durability, workability, and solidity. After all, radon and thoron exposure is an entirely fixable problem, if addressed in a timely and proper manner. With BMT Synch, you will save money, lives, and the environment. 

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