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Adam Tas, Stellenbosch, Western Cape



CareTac serves as Distell's Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) at the Adam Tas production facility. As the facility's RPA, CareTac manages radiation sources, provides RPO/ARPO training, handles DoH/SAHPRA authority applications, conducts contingency assessments, and keeps signage up to date. As with every client, CareTac provides Distell with a detailed RPA monthly report, chronically the work performed for the said period and the work to be done in the upcoming month.  


In addition, CareTac is conducting its IAQ Solution at Adam Tas. The IAQ Solution goal is to improve employee performance, reduce absenteeism, and optimize HVAC costs by improving the IAQ in the areas measured. This is done by collecting data on up to six main IAQ components: radon, volatile organic compounds, CO2, air pressure, humidity, and temperature. By being able to exam data down to the hour, CareTac can advise on how and when to run HVAC systems to attain maximum cost efficiency and employee performance.