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High-quality, affordable personal, pocket, portable, wide-range, and neutron dosimeters that live up to the highest demands.

ATOMTEX personal dosimeters

Personal Dosimeters

Our range of personal dosimeters are pocket-sized, wide-range smart devices that wield the ideal combination of accuracy, functionality, user-friendliness, reliability, and price. Moreover, they are designed to measure the personal dose equivalent and personal dose equivalent rate of continuous X-ray and gamma radiation.   

Pocket Dosimeters


These pocket dosimeters are compact and energy efficient, providing measurements of ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rates of continuous gamma radiation. Both radiation control services and untrained people can use these handheld dosimeters for measuring radiation background levels at work, home, recreation areas, or for education purposes. 

ATOMTEX portable dosimeters

Portable Dosimeters

Our most popular instruments, ATOMTEX portable dosimeters are multifunctional, user-friendly instruments for X-ray and gamma radiation dosimetry for continuous long-term radiation, continuous short-term radiation, and pulse radiation


Neutron Dosimeters

This radiation-monitor configuration is a handheld measurement tool designed for measuring neutron radiation ambient dose equivalent rates and ambient dose equivalent, while simultaneously monitoring gamma radiation ambient doses equivalent rates and ambient dose equivalent.

ATOMTEX wide range dosimeters

Wide-Range Dosimeters

These wide-range dosimeters provide gamma radiation dose and dose rate measurements at up to nine orders of magnitude and provide high burn-up life, rugged construction, and solid integrity. They are user-friendly, measure in liquids up to 50 m, and provide PC data exchange through an interface. 


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