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CareTac provides comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and radon monitoring and mitigation services for homes, businesses, and industrial facilities, as well as testing of construction materials. With a host of radon testing techniques, our customers can find a solution that works ideally for them.

CareTac IAQ Solution 

Using superior IAQ monitors from Norway's Airthings, CareTac combines its knowledge, expertise and capabilities to offer individual and businesses the CareTac IAQ Solution: South Africa's best comprehensive solution for IAQ monitoring and improvement.


Short-term onsite testing

We rely on the RAD7 by DURRIDGE to perform highly accurate, onsite radon and thoron measurements in as little as just minutes for clients with special needs or who just want to know as soon as possible what radon health risks they may be facing.


Long-term passive testing

A tried-and-true industry technique to test radon-gas levels using PARC RGM detectors. 

Radon mitigation system design and installation

CareTac's experts can design and install customized and affordable radiation mitigation systems that are guaranteed to drastically reduce radon health risks. 

Consultancy services

We provide IAQ and radon consultancy services to help clients interpret their data and take the most appropriate steps to optimize health performance. These services include monthly reports with detail breakdowns of your data and recommendations for short-term and long-term improvements. 

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