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IAQ & Radon - CareTac IAQ Solution

CareTac IAQ Solution 

Maximize employee productivity and health to improve company performance with minimum investment. 

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We Spend 90% of Our Time Indoors

Just like outdoor air, indoor air has an immense impact on human health and productivity. 

Ensuring optimal indoor air quality is the most effective and least expensive way to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and heighten company performance. 

For example, increased ventilation rates can easily cut absenteeism by 1% and boost productivity by 2%, leading to a significant increase in savings and revenue.  

Optimize Your Full Potential

CareTac offers indoor air quality monitoring programs for companies big and small. 

Monitor radon, CO2, airborne chemicals, humidity, mold risk, temperature, and air pressure. 


Get data processing and monthly reports.


Receive final reports and expert recommendations to obtain maximum return on investment.  

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