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Kirill Ilin is a multifaceted business development specialist and economist with over a decade of experience. He wields significant expertise across a range of industries, having played a key role at major international companies.


At CareTac, Mr. Ilin is in charge of the company's financial operations and developing partnerships across South Africa, from Cape Town to Johannesburg and everywhere in-between. 


  • MBA, International Management, Monterey Institute of International Studies (USA)

  • PhD, Economics, Plekhanov University of Economics (Russia)

  • MSc, Economics, Finance, and Credit, Plekhanov University of Economics (Russia)

  • MSc, Financial Management, Middlesex University Business School (England)

  • BA Hon., Economics, Finance, Credit, and Turnaround Management, Plekhanov University of Economics (Russia)


  • English

  • Russian