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CareTac Holds Equipment Training for NNR

17 November 2020

CareTac held a two-day course in Centurion to train National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) employees in the ins and outs of using the Durridge RAD7. The training is part of the NNR's efforts to increase its capabilities and expertise in Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).

CareTac Holds Radiation Protection Proficiency Training for CSIR

29 January 2020

CareTac, a leader in radon, radiation, and nuclear equipment and services, has completed another round of training and exams for aspiring Radiation Protection Officers. This time, CareTac worked with the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory (SOCCO), a part of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). 

The training and exams are continuation of CareTac and the SOCCO's longstanding cooperation in providing consultation and other services in the handling, import, and export of radioactive materials. CareTac also maintains close ties with the CSIR in providing decommissioning services. 

CareTac at Airthings in Norway

14 November 2019

CareTac Co-Founders Scott Bean and Kirill Ilin paid a visit to CareTac's newest partner, Airthings, a global leader in radon and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitors. 


The visit was to mark the beginning of the two companies' partnership to represent and sell Airthings monitors in South Africa. CareTac is confident that the combination of unmatched performance and sleek design make Airthings second to none for protecting your home, office, and more from radon.  

CareTac Featured on Carte Blanche

17 October 2019

CareTac CEO Ryno Botha was interviewed on South Africa's critically acclaimed Carte Blanche for a report on radon. In the interview, Mr. Botha addresses what radon is, how it differs from other types of radiation, and how and when it can pose a health hazard.  

CareTac to Appear on Carte Blanche

13 October 2019

CareTac Co-Founder and CEO Ryno Botha will be featured in a one-on-one interview with South Africa's top investigative journalism television program, Carte Blanche.


Scheduled to air this Sunday, October 13th, at 7pm on M-Net (101) and 8pm on M-Net Plus 1 (901), Mr. Botha will address questions about radon, the dangers it poses, what it all means for families and businesses, and what South Africa has been doing, or not doing, to deal with this silent killer.

Visiting Durridge in Boston

30 September 2019

CareTac is in Boston to visit Durridge, a leading provider of professional radon detection equipment for business, universities, and governments worldwide. As a representative of Durridge, CareTac is the dealer of choice for Durridge equipment in South Africa and across Africa.

CareTac Presents at NORM IX in Denver

26 September 2019

Ryno Botha, Co-Founder and CEO of CareTac, gave a presentation at the NORM IX Symposium in Denver, Colorado, on a research paper he co-authored entitled: "A Baseline Study of Radon in Groundwater Prior to Unconventional Shale Gas Development in the Karoo Basin (South Africa)".

CareTac at NORM IX in Denver

25 September 2019

CareTac Co-Founders Ryno Botha and Scott Bean are taking part in the 9th International Symposium on Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM IX) at the Embassy Suites in downtown Denver, Colorado. The highlight of the conference came on day three, when Mr. Botha made an acclaimed presentation entitled "A Baseline Study of Radon in Groundwater Prior to Unconventional Shale Gas Development in the Karoo Basin (South Africa)".


On the second day of the conference, Mr. Botha gave a well-received poster presentation entitled "Design of National Indoor Radon Survey for South Africa: Review of Existing Indoor Radon Concentration Data, Associated Measurement Techniques, and Proposed Methodology".


A gathering of the world's leading radon and thoron experts, scientists, businesses, and authorities, NORM IX is endorsed by the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

CareTac Begins Training Course at Distell

3 September 2019

CareTac Co-Founder and CEO Ryno Botha held the first seminar in a course in fundamental radiation protection and radionuclide management for Distell, a major African producer of spirits, fine wines, ciders, and ready-to-drinks. The first seminar covered a range of radiation-related issues, such as radioactive decay, radiation protection principles, and the health effects associated with ionizing radiation.


CareTac is a leading South African provider of radiation and nuclear safety and security services, the exclusive South African representative of ATOMTEX radiation detection and nuclear measurements equipment, and a product representative for Durridge radon capture and analytics equipment.

Sailing the High Seas on the S.A. Agulhas

August 2019

CareTac continued its fruitful partnership with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory (SOCCO). This time around, CareTac CEO Ryno Botha hit the seas on the S.A. Agulhas II, South Africa's icebreaking polar supply and research ship, to provide services involving the possession, use, convey, and cause to convey of radionuclides.

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