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High-quality, affordable portable spectrometers for South Africa and beyond that live up to the highest demands.

ATOMTEX Backpack Radiation Detector

Backpack-based Radiation Detectors (BRD)

This state-of-the-art, stylish spectrometer is designed to detect radioactive sources and is an efficient tool for preventing radiological terrorist threats and other illegal activities, such as the illicit storage, use, transfer, and trafficking of radioactive substances and materials. Moreover, the BRD is perfect for providing radiation monitoring of areas, routes, isolated spaces, industrial sites, and buildings, with GPS-enabled measurement tracking included. 


Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD)

The Spectrometric Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD) is a compact device designed to rapidly detect radiation materials and sources with the ability to identify natural, medical, and industrial radionuclides. 

ATOMTEX radionuclide identification devices

Radionuclide Identification Devices (RID)

We offer a wide-range of portable, multifunctional radiation monitoring devices that are designed primarily to search and detect gamma radiation sources and automatically identify radionuclides composition. These devices are equipped with GPS tracking and can be used for area and land radiation monitoring. The AT6102 (above), in particular, is designed to detect neutron radiation and measure neutron count rate. 


Field Spectrometers

A range of field spectrometers for measuring Cesium (134, 137), Iodine (131), Thorium (232), Radium (226), and Potassium (40) nuclide content and contamination in water, food, agriculture, wood, liquid radioactive wastes, raw materials, manufacturing waste, construction materials, and more. 

ATOMTEX immersion spectrometer

Immersion Spectrometers

These multifunctional immersion spectrometers are built to monitor radiation levels in fresh water, sea water, and bottom sediments, providing measuring capabilities at up to 500 m deep without any preliminary sampling or preparation. 


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