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Yet Another Direct Connection Between Indoor Air Quality and Coronavirus

Research published in Nature has revealed that scientists have identified genetic markers of the coronavirus in airborne droplets measuring smaller than 0.0001 inches in diameter.

The smaller the airborne droplets (produced by coughing, sneezing, breathing, etc.), the longer they stay suspended in the air and the greater likelihood that they will enter the human body and penetrate deeper into the lungs.

Keeping indoor humidity at ideal levels (40-60%) is crucial to minimizing the presence of viral airborne particles, from the coronavirus to the flu, tuberculosis, and more.

Moreover, good ventilation is vital: viruses that have settled on clothing and other objects can be knocked back into the air.

In short, closely monitoring your indoor air quality and making the proper adjustments to optimize it are crucial to prevent viral infection, including the coronavirus.

CareTac in South Africa offers affordable, cutting-edge indoor air quality monitors from Airthings to help you ensure the best indoor air quality possible, 24/7.

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