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IAQ Program Coming to Hope Montessori Academy

CareTac is proud to announce a new promotional partnership with Hope Montessori Academy, a private, not-for-profit, co-educational Montessori preschool and childcare program, to provide the CareTac Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) program. At a time when almost half of all people in the United States live in areas with unhealthy air quality, the timing of this promotional partnership could not be better.

Beginning late summer 2020, CareTac will launch its IAQ Program at the Academy's location in Westminster, Colorado. Using the Airthings for Business platform, CareTac will provide expert advice and consultation on the key elements of indoor air quality, such as:


The leading cause of lung cancer amongst never-smokers and the cause of 3-14% of all lung cancers worldwide, radon is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless radioactive gas. Harmless on the outside, radon becomes a health hazard when inhaled in significant quantities over extended periods of time. Radon's alpha decay particles attack the lung tissue, which can cause lung cancer through deformational cell regeneration.

What makes monitoring radon especially important for Hope Montessori Academy is that children are especially at high risk of the effects of over-exposure to radon. Developing (and thus smaller) lungs and a faster respiratory rate mean that children get higher radon exposure, with the negative effects manifesting themselves only later on in adulthood. CareTac is confident that its IAQ program will ensure that Hope Montessori Academy can achieve the lowest concentrations of radon possible - ideally below 45 Bq/m3 at all times - to minimize the negative effects of radon as much as possible.

VOCs and CO2

Volatile organic compounds include airborne chemicals and odors given off by everyday products from furniture to fragrances and everything in between. Heightened exposure to VOCs can result in both short-term (headache, nausea, pneumonia, etc.) to long-term (respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, etc.).

CO2 is a natural part of the surrounding environment; however, when concentrations are high, it can have negative effects on academic and work performance, including through restlessness and drowsiness. For example, students are found to perform much better with indoor CO2 levels at 1,000 ppm compared to 2,500 ppm.


Ensuring ideal indoor humidity in the COVID-19 era should especially be a high priority not just for institutes of education but also any organization that brings groups of people together under one roof. Insufficient indoor humidity is conducive to the increase spread of airborne viruses, including the coronavirus, flu, and typhus. This is because these viruses can be transmitted through micron-sized droplets that stay suspended in the air for longer and penetrate deeper into the lungs. Insufficient humidity allows these droplets to remain suspended in the air longer. In turn, excessive humidity can threaten a building's structural integrity by increasing the likelihood of material rot and accelerating wear and tear.

By keeping humidity levels at 40-60% are ideal for human and infrastructural health, the threat of spreading airborne viruses is minimized, while a building's structural integrity is kept as intact as possible.


Ensuring comfortable temperatures are crucial to high-quality work and scholastic performance. A Harvard University study demonstrated that how well students do on the PSAT is to a certain extent dependent on the temperature in the room, with overall higher temperatures having a negative effect. School aside, uncomfortable temperatures also adversely affect one's mood.

Air pressure

The air pressure in any given room can have an immediate effect on how a person feels. Often referred to as the "weight of the air", air-pressure levels depend on elevation and weather patterns.

Other CareTac IAQ Program features

In addition, CareTac will monitor lighting to help reduce electricity usage and room occupancy trends to optimize the use of HVAC systems: adjusting a building's HVAC systems to operate at the ideal level at all hours of the day provides maximum comfort and savings.

Best of all, CareTac's industry professionals - including experts in Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), a key to radon issues - are at the heart of this promotional partnership, providing expert advice on the best steps to take to ensure optimal IAQ.

Beyond ensuring the best IAQ as possible for Hope Montessori Academy in Westminster, CareTac is confident that this promotional partnership will serve as a vivid example of the health, performance, and economic benefits that organizations in the USA, South Africa, and beyond can attain with improved IAQ. And by working with CareTac to achieve improved IAQ, these institutions can achieve their goals.

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