• CareTac Team

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Would Be Beneficial for South Africa

Advanced nuclear energy is not just a tool for fighting climate change and economic inequality; it is hands down the primary tool. The physics and economics don't lie.

With the government's PBMR program, South Africa used to be at the forefront of advanced nuclear energy with its high temperature pebble-bed reactor technology. With the right frame of mind, smart decisions, perseverance, selflessness, and, most importantly, political will, South Africa can regain this coveted position for the good of the entire country.

CareTac understands that while advanced nuclear is much safer than any other energy source, it still requires the utmost in competence and professionalism from actors across the value chain. As a specialist in radiation protection, CareTac would play a key part in ensuring that South Africa's revitalized nuclear industry is as safe, professional, and competent as humanly possible.

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