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To Reopen Safely, Look to Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Forbes recently touched on the importance of indoor air quality to ensure a safe work environment as businesses of all shapes and sizes reopen. Some interesting indoor air purification technologies are mentioned, and the perennial problem of maintaining good indoor air quality is talked about in length, especially in the US.

There is, however, one important aspect that was left out that can save customers immense amounts of time and money: indoor air quality diagnostics. After all, each and every customer has different considerations to take into account, such as existing ventilation, the natural environment, building features, and more. For a hospital to immediately buy expensive air purification and isolation systems without understanding the extent of their indoor air quality issues (not to mention whether there are any issues at all), is shortsighted.

CareTac is a firm believer in meticulous diagnostics. Our CareTac IAQ Solution uses Airthings indoor air quality monitors to provide a wide-ranging, profound understanding of a client's indoor air quality. We monitor radon, volatile organic compounds, CO2, humidity, temperature, and pressure, all of which can have adverse effects on human health and company performance.

To get this understanding, we recommend monitoring for a full 12 months in order to account for all seasonal and weather-related factors. Once the program is complete, we can firmly tell you what indoor air quality issues you have and how to fix them, all year round. The CareTac IAQ Solution is very affordable, and it very well could reveal that you need not take any further preventive measures, i.e. no more expenses.

So, as your business makes its plans to reopen, ensuring that your indoor air quality is of the best it can be is an absolute must. The CareTac IAQ Solution allows you to do this in the most effective, affordable, and legally compliant manner possible, especially with regards to the level 3 and 2 coronavirus measures in South Africa.


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