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Whether in South Africa or beyond, CareTac's provides transport and storage solutions for a wide range of radioactive materials, including medical isotopes, radioactive waste, instruments with radionuclides (ex. density gauges), and much more. Our team of experienced specialists ensure that your business is in strict compliance with all applicable rules and regulations in order to eliminate any health or non-compliance risks that could cost otherwise prove ruinous. 

Our partnership with Chiron Chemistry expands on our transport capabilities, while our storage facility in Cape Town is equipped to handle a large number of different radionuclides, whether sealed or unsealed. 

Radioactive Material Transport and Storage

South Africa, through the National Nuclear Regulator, imposes strict regulations on the disposal of radioactive waste (radwaste) and unused radionuclides, and being in violation of these regulations can lead to significant health, environmental, and on-the-job risks, not to mention fines and suspension of operations. 

CareTac wields a wide range of professional solutions to help you manage and dispose of your radwaste. Moreover, we understand that many companies in South Africa have an international presence, and therefore such companies may need to comply with international regulations set by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). CareTac can accommodate this need by tailor our radwaste management services to help companies comply with South African regulations, IAEA regulations, or both. 

Radioactive Waste Management

South Africa, with its highly developed medical, nuclear, research, and other industries, is no stranger to the need for decommissioning services. Indeed, all these industries produce and/or utilize radionuclides, and thus decommissioning is an absolute must. 

Rest assured, CareTac can take care of all your decommissioning needs:

  • Existing radionuclide disposal

  • Broad-spectrum radiological screening and monitoring (alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron)

  • Decontamination

  • Clearance certificates

  • Authority termination applications

We can also provide tailor-made solutions to fit complex or extraordinary cases that require both South African and international expertise. 

Decommissioning ​

​Whether your company is big or small, you need the most meticulously detailed and accurate data to make the right decisions. And when dealing with radioactive materials, even the smallest can evolve into significantly negative consequences for your company.  

At CareTac, we live by the philosophy that even the slightest risk needs to be mitigated proactively. That's why we offer full-scale, scrupulous assessments of your company's radiological risks and provide a real-time, comprehensive risk register. Moreover, CareTac auditing services help our clients comply in full with current legislatively required radiation safety measures.

Risk Assessments and Audits 

Dealing with the regulatory authorities is often confusing and cumbersome but also necessary, and any regulatory portfolio non-compliances can imply onerous legal complications. 

CareTac offers a full range of services and packages to make sure that your DoH/SAHPRA portfolios are in full compliance with the latest regulations:

  • Import and export licenses

  • ARPO or RPO addition and termination

  • Leak tests

  • Annual returns

  • Incident or accident reports

  • Disposal applications

  • Creating or terminating an authority to use, possess, or convey radionuclides

  • Digital radionuclides register

  • Internal policies or rules

  • Transfer of radionuclides to another authority

Risk Assessments and Audits 

In a rapidly changing, insecure world, strong physical and electronic security measures are needed to deter a multitude of threats. CareTac employs years of experience and specialized knowledge to create tailor-made radiation security solutions for our clients. 

Radiation Security Solutions