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View National Data on Average and Maximum Exposure to Indoor Radon Levels in Homes Across South Africa

Radon Levels Breakdown

1 - 49 Bq/m3 = Minimal exposure. No immediate action necessary, although continued monitoring is recommended.

50 - 99 Bq/m3 = Low exposure. Experiment with ventilation and sealing foundation cracks to lower levels.

100 - 299 Bq/m3 = Moderately high exposure. Action is wise. Continue measuring radon levels and adjust ventilation. If 3 months of testing show these numbers on average, mitigation is recommended.

300 Bq/m3 and above = High exposure. Action is needed.

Data from: Leuschner, A.H.; Steyn, A.; Strydom, R.; de Beer G.P. Indoor Radon Concentrations in South African Homes, Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa Limited.