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RPA Services - Regulations


Knowledge is Power

Our Regulatory Consulting services provide full, streamlined compliance with South African regulations. 

Who's liable? What's the Risk?

Ultimately, the employer... with some exceptions. ​


At the same time, employees, mandataries, and agents are not freed of liability to be convicted and sentenced for any act or omission in question.

What are the Regulations?

The Hazardous Substances Act 15 is South Africa's chief legislative document that sets radiological rules and regulations.


Together with subsequent specifications and amendments, Act 15 is what drives how CareTac develops and implements its Radiation Protection Advisor services, employing a unique approach to every client depending on their type of business.


The Department of Health (DOH) and the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) are responsible for enforcing Act 15.


License Suspensions.


The penalties for violating any specific section or subsection of Act 15 are:

  • Monetary fines

  • Imprisonment up to 10 years

  • License suspensions/cancellations

  • Forfeiture of goods (any grouped hazardous substances, appliance, product, or other object applicable in an offense) to the State.​

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