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Maximized Safety, Minimized Risk,

Ultimate Investment

CareTac's radiation protection advisor services allow clients to ensure a safe working environment for employees, full regulatory compliance for companies, and optimized productivity for all. 

Employee Safety for a Prosperous Environment 

Radiation sources can present a significant health hazard, especially in conditions of acute, prolonged exposure. 

The lack of proper safety measures and equipment, and the mishandling of radiation sources and the devices housing them, can spell onerous health and financial consequences for a company and its employees. 

CareTac gives our clients the tools to implement the highest standards in radiation safety, ensuring employee safety and minimizing financial risk. 

Peace of Mind in One Swoop

Industries from mining and construction to agriculture, telecommunications, and more often handle radioactive materials and use radiation sources.

Mismanaging these radioactive materials and radiation sources at multiple levels creates regulatory risks in the form of fines and suspension of business activities

CareTac implements comprehensive strategies for clients to bring themselves into full compliance with all applicable regulations. 

Protect your wallet

As COVID-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have shown, shutting down a company's operations, even for a day or two, can have devastating consequences.


CareTac works to ensure that your business never falls victim to regulatory violations that can result in work suspensions, license cancellations, and more.

Radiation Protection Services

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Ionizing Radiation

Non-ionizing Radiation

Related Services



Make sure your organisation is ready in the even of a radiation-related accident or incident. 


RPO/ARPO, equipment, radiation safety, and other courses (certification provided). 

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CareTac IAQ Solution

Heighten cognitive capabilities and reduce absenteeism for overall increased productivity. 

Hazardous Waste


Make radwaste liabilities a thing of the past. 

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