RPA Services

From short-term assignments to long-term contracts, we provide the full range of RPA services to ensure full compliance with South African regulations (ex. Hazardous Substances Act 15 of 1973). Choose either from one of our RPA service packages or create your own customized package to fit your needs.

Basic RPA service package

Ionizing radiation:

  • Preliminary and ongoing site visits

  • Radiation protection management program

  • Current radiation risk assessment

  • Review of protection processes in place for regulatory compliance

  • Existing radiological hazards

  • Workforce exposure risks

  • Assess RPO/ARPO competence and ensure documentation is in order

  • Internal annual report

  • DoH/SAHPRA annual and monthly reporting

  • Completion and submission of DoH/SAHPRA authority applications

  • Radiation safety signs (design, update, and print).

Advanced RPA service package

Basic package, plus:


Ionizing radiation

  • Radiation protection officer (RPO) and/or assistant radiation protection officer (ARPO) portfolio management. 

  • Radionuclide register management 

  • Occupational radiation dose records database - four users 

  • Radionuclide storage management 

  • Regulatory ionizing radiation usage and possession compliance audit - two per year 

  • Leak tests ​​

Non-ionizing radiation​

  • Class 4 lasers usage and possession application 

  • Laser health risks assessment 

  • Laser safety signs (design, update, and safety) 

  • Laser safety glasses and gloves 

  • Standard operation procedure (SOP) laser safety control measures 

Premium RPA service package

Advanced package, plus:

Ionizing radiation

  • Radiological incident/accident reporting to DOH/SAHPRA 

  • Radiological incident/accident internal investigation 

  • RPMP internal policy research and development 

  • Radon in-water monitoring program 

  • Top-quality radiation detection and nuclear measurements equipment (ATOMTEX) 

  • Onsite emergency radiological incident/accident assistance 

  • Radiological risk assessment

  • Non-destructive gamma spectrometry analysis

  • Laboratory testing of radioactive material

  • Remedial program advisory (restoration actions and dose assessments after incidents/accidents)

  • Characterization of radiological materials, waste, buildings, and contaminated land

  • Transport of radioactive materials between sites


Other RPA Services

Contingency Planning

Our contingency planning services involve conducting a full radiation safety assessment, then using the results of this assessment to reveal contingencies of varying magnitude. Then, for each contingency, we develop a contingency plan. Such plan would answer questions, such as:

  • Who is responsible for implementing the plan?

  • What immediate actions for assessing the seriousness of the situation will be needed?

  • What immediate mitigation actions are needed?

  • What PPE/RPE is required and where?

  • What are the personal dosimetry requirements for those controlling the accident?

  • What personnel training is required?

  • When and from where should emergency services be summoned?

  • What follow-up dosimetry service is needed?​​


  • Radiological incident/accident preparedness course 

  • RPO/ARPO annual refresher course and proficiency test (1 day, 2-person limit) 

  • RPO/ARPO annual dosimetric instrumentation training course (1 day, 2-person limit) 

  • Occupational user radiation protection course 

  • Regulatory non-ionizing radiation safety compliance audit - 2 per year 

  • Laser Safety Operation (LSO) course 


CareTac IAQ Solution

  • 24/7 digital Airthings IAQ monitors installed on premises 

  • Monitoring of 7 key IAQ factors: total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radon, CO2, humidity, air pressure, temperature, and light.  

  • Monthly IAQ reports 

  • Professional consultant for advice on preventive and mitigation measures, emergency support.​

Radiation Waste Advisor (RWA)

Serving in an advisory role, the RWA provides crucial radwaste advice on:

  • Ensuring Regulatory compliance

  • Achieving and maintaining optimal level of protection for personnel

  • Verifying effectiveness of radiological measurement equipment

  • Equipment:

    • Accept into service equipment and procedures for radiological measurements

    • Regular calibration

  • Legislative amendments and supplements that affect the client

  • Record keeping

  • Radwaste management and disposal

  • Optimization techniques

  • Environmental monitoring

RPA Benefits

CareTac's RPA services don't just make your business fully and consistently compliant with South African regulations, they create the foundation for your business to flourish, both from a financial and employee point of view.


Financial advantages


CareTac ensures that:

  • your business is fully compliant with radiological regulations, thus protecting it from costly shutdowns. After all, as COVID-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders in South Africa and all across the world have shown, shutting down a company's operations, even for a day or two, can have devastating consequences.

  • your business's radionuclide portfolio is up to date and streamlined to ensure timely regulatory filings and reporting and avoid costly mistakes.

  • your business is protected from the forfeiture of key equipment to the State as a result of a radiological regulatory offense; and

  • you will see a significant return on investment for using our RPA Services


Personnel advantages


CareTac ensures that:

  • the best internal policy procedures for handling radiation sources are employed.

  • personnel safety in handling radiation sources is made a top priority.

  • any chance of an act or omission resulting in an offense is decreased as much as possible.

  • performance and well-being are increased (especially with the CareTac IAQ program).


CareTac's RPA services create peace of mind and provide excellent return on investment.

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