Ryno Botha is a world-renowned nuclear, environmental, and atmospheric physicist and co-founder of CareTac. He also has significant experience as a university lecturer, radiation protection advisor, and research scientist in the NORM and TENORM fields. 


A registered natural scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Porfessions (SACNASP), Mr. Botha has been active as a project leader for the Global Atmosphere Watch station at Cape Point, and the Karoo Radiological Baseline Model project. He has worked extensively with international partners in NORM research (Ohio State, Duke University) and nuclear research (Dubna Joint Institute for Nuclear Research). 


  • PhD, Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics, University of the Western Cape)

  • MSc, Environmental Physics, University of the Western Cape

  • BSc Hon., Nuclear Physics, Stellenbosch University

  • BSc., Nuclear Physics, Stellenbosch University


  • English

  • Afrikaans

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