Radon & Thoron Testing, Mitigation, and Management

CareTac offers the full spectrum of services to help detect, mitigate, and manage levels of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM), especially radon

Radiation & Nuclear

  • Radioactive material transport and storage

  • Radwaste management

  • Decommissioning

  • Risk Assessment and audits

  • Security solutions

  • Regulatory authority portfolio management 

  • Radiation protection services

  • Dosimetric surveying 

  • Radiation emergency aid



Concrete and Cement Testing

Breakthrough technology to help determine the radon content and lifetime emanation potential of concrete, cement, and other construction materials. 

This technology allows our clients to understand the radiation hazards of building using their construction materials and to take the appropriate mitigation measures, providing significant cost savings and improving human health and productivity.  


Training & Workshops

  • Radiation protection and management 

  • Radon metrology (practical and theoretical

  • NORM management

  • Customized training packages (RPO, NORM, and more)