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Why RPO/ARPO Training and Certification?


Radiation, both ionizing and non-ionizing, plays a big role in the South African economy. Known as 'radioisotopes' or 'radiation sources', they are used in production across all sectors of the economy: from heavy industry and manufacturing to food and drink production and more. If your company relies on radiation in any way, shape, or form, then it is imperative to have properly trained Radiation Protection Officers (RPO) and Acting Radiation Protection Officers (ARPO). 


Is your company willing to take this risk?


Having competent RPO/ARPO on the ground and the resources to fully comply with South African regulations is no easy task. What's more, violations of these regulations (as outlined in the Hazardous Substances Act of 1973, amended in 1993) can lead to severe penalties, from fines and imprisonment to license suspensions and cancellations.


Having a license suspended or cancelled will have the same effect on a company as the COVID-19 lockdown is having: lost production time + mounting costs = tens of millions of rand in lost revenue.


CareTac: Making Non-Compliances a Thing of the Past


CareTac's RPO/ARPO training and certification are designed with one ultimate goal in mind: to prepare RPOs and ARPOs as well as possible to minimize your company's regulatory risks and maximize personnel safety. We do this by splitting instruction into four sections


1. Theoretical foundation in ionizing radiation.

2. Personal protection and health effects

3. South African regulations and a company's obligations under them

4. RPO/ARPO duties


Attendees are put through two days of rigorous training - tailored to the client's time and resource needs - and take final exams. Successful completion of a CareTac's RPO/ARPO Radiation Safety Training course ensures that your company has the competent personnel in place to properly handle all issues concerning radiation sources, from A to Z, in order to minimize liability risk and maximize safety.


After all, it is the Authority Holder - in other words you, the company - that is ultimately liable for any violations of South African regulations, specifically the Hazardous Substances Act.

Courses Offered


RPO/ARPO Training and Certification - Fundamental Radiation Protection and Radionuclide Management


In addition to RPO/ARPO training and certification, custom courses are available and can consist of any number of the following subjects:

  • Biological Effects of Radiation

  • Radiation Protection

  • Radiation Instruments and Surveys

  • Nuclear Security

  • Transport and Waste Management

  • Laser Safety


Course Outline Example


RPO/ARPO Training - Fundamental Radiation Protection and Radionuclide Management

  • Fundamentals of Radioactive Decay and Radiation

    • How radioactive decay happens

    • Artificial and anthropogenic (NORM) radiation sources

    • Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

    • Types of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

    • Public exposure to ionizing radiation

  • The Principles of Radiation Protection

    • The ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable)

    • The Inverse Square Law

  • Ionizing Radiation Health Effects

    • Biological and subsequent effects

    • Dosimetry

    • Radiation exposure

    • Dose equivalent limits

  • Legislative Requirements

    • Radionuclide possession, usage, and management

    • The authorities (national and internationally)

    • Overview of company legislative responsibilities

    • Basic RPO/ARPO duties

    • Additional RPO/ARPO duties


Final Exam and Certificate


All our courses conclude with a final exam. This ensures that course attendees can demonstrate that they have properly learned the course material and are able to perform the duties and requirements for which the course was held.  


Upon successful completion, attendees receive a certificate of attendance confirming that the recipient has completed the course and demonstrated a sufficient understanding of the materials.


Return on Investment


Whether you need professional RPO/ARPO training and certification or you have other goals, our courses provide immense return on investment:

  • Protect your business from regulatory penalties for radionuclides mismanagement.

  • Maximize employee radiation safety and security.

  • Maintain compliant radionuclide registers.

  • Conduct radiation overexposure investigations.

  • Determine what radiation detection equipment is needed, including dosimeters (personal, pocket, portable, wide-range, standard, and neutron), spectrometers, and more. CareTac can supply your company with all the equipment necessary and at discounted prices.

  • Ensure all proper procedures are followed and implemented (leak tests, etc.).

  • Strengthen your company's brand through personnel and public safety and security

  • Choose between national (DoH/SAHPRA) and international (IAEA) courses.


Course Instructors and Developers

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 10.26.13.png

Ruan Bester

Ryno Botha


Scott Bean



To inquire about more details or request a course quote, contact us at info@caretac.com and provide us with the information below. We will then follow up with you promptly






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CareTac can arrange for a course venue near its location. Please note that the client is responsible for instructor travel and accommodation costs.