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RPA Services - Training Courses

Training Courses

  • RPO/ARPO Training and Certification

  • Biological Effects of Radiation

  • Radiation Protection

  • Radiation Instruments and Surveys

  • Nuclear Security

  • Transport and Waste Management

  • Laser Operation Safety

Custom-order courses are also available.

Course Outline Example

RPO/ARPO training - Fundamental Radiation Protection and Radionuclide Management

  • Fundamentals of Radioactive Decay and Radiation

    • How radioactive decay happens

    • Artificial and anthropogenic (NORM) radiation sources

    • Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

    • Types of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

    • Public exposure to ionizing radiation


  • The Principles of Radiation Protection

    • The ALARA principle 

    • The Inverse Square Law


  • Ionizing Radiation Health Effects

    • Biological and subsequent effects

    • Dosimetry

    • Radiation exposure

    • Dose equivalent limits


  • Legislative Requirements

    • Radionuclide possession, usage, and management

    • The authorities (national and internationally)

    • Overview of company legislative responsibilities

    • Basic RPO/ARPO duties

    • Additional RPO/ARPO duties

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